Who We Are

The Green Room was founded to address the issue of injury and mental health in the dance community. The culture of dance promotes a ‘show-must-go-on’ mentality which can be harmful in both the short and long term. As a community, we can create open and honest lines of communication to better support ourselves and each other.

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What We Do


The Green Room Blog, updated bi-weekly, shares stories of first hand experiences, injury advice, and industry updates.

Recovery Trackers

Daily, weekly, and monthly trackers to help you manage your mental and physical health in your injury recovery.


Helpful guides for dancers, parents, and teachers looking to start conversations about injury and mental health.

Why We Do It

The dance community is built on relationships. We take class together, we perform together, and we teach each other every day. In recent years, we have started many conversations about body image, eating habits, inclusivity and diversity, and much more. The industry is taking strides to change systems of abuse and neglect, however there is much work to be done. While The Green Room does not have all of the answers, we strive to offer guidance, advice, and a place to talk openly about one of the most common experiences in the dance world–injury.

When dancers are injured they often feel very isolated and lost. The freedom of dance is juxtaposed by a strict and rigorous training schedule that is disrupted by injury both big and small. Whether it's a long-term injury or a bothersome chronic one, injury can slowly chip away at mental health. Recovery is frustrating and–most importantly–it is non-linear. The Green Room aims to connect not only dancers, but their teachers, parents, and peers to create networks of support around recovery periods that address the mental health implications of being removed from activity or dealing with chronic pain.

You can learn more about the relationship between dance, injury, and identity here.


Do you have a personal experience with injury or advice that you would like to share? Have a question you would like answered? The Green Room is built on the insights and feedback from dance community members and strives to constantly update our recovery guides and FAQ pages. Leave a line below to let us know a piece of advice that you would like to see added or what question you would like to see answered.

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